TAPS Night Before Christmas

‘Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the place,

Not a creature was stirring, except TAPS on a case.

All the K-II’s were ready, held tightly in fists

In hopes that a ghost’s message wouldn’t be missed.

The cameras were perched way up high on a shelf

Just to catch any spirit that might show itself,

And Jason with a thermal, and Grant with a light

Had declared, “Let’s go dark,” and settled in for the night.

When up in a bedroom they both heard a loud CRASH!

So off to investigate Jay and Grant dashed.

Away to the second floor they flew in a hurry—

Up the stairs, down the hallway those ghost hunters scurried.

The screen of the thermal as Jay scanned the room through

Showed the usual shades of dark greens and blues,

When what on the thermal’s clam shell should appear

But a human-shaped figure slowly coming near.

Then it stopped, then it faded, and it vanished so quick

That they both wondered aloud, “Was that our spirit?”

Not missing a beat, to Grant’s side Jason came;

Jay pulled out a recorder, and Grant asked, “What’s your name?

My name’s Grant; this is Jason; we’ve got Tango and Steve,

And Adam and KJ, and Amy Bruni.

Could you please move an object?  Could you please make a sound?”

Then they sat and they listened and they looked all around.

As sneaky kids snoop for Christmas gifts, unashamed,

Jay and Grant search for clues to debunk the claims.

So all through the upstairs they searched high and low,

But they could find nothing, so they both turned to go.

Then the very next moment they saw on the wall

The shadow of something go fast down the hall.

As Grant dashed to the door and peered into the dark,

Down the hallway he swept his flashlight in an arc.

All was still in the hallway; the shadow had disappeared.

Now as he planned his next move, Jason tugged at his beard.

A sudden sound from downstairs made Grant jump and exclaim,

“What the frig?” and then louder the noise again came.

Their ears—how they listened, though the sounds soon abated.

Their senses were heightened as they silently waited.

More determined than ever, they both crept down the stairs;

They went into the living room, sat down in a chair.

On a table between them Jason set the K-II,

Hoped the elusive spirit would answer a question or two.

He explained how it worked, said, “light the lights for a ‘yes;’”

Then he sat back and crossed his arms over his chest.

Jay and Grant both asked questions, but the lights didn’t light.

And they hoped EVP’s would show up from that night.

As it does on all cases, away the time flies,

And their time there soon ended, with the sun on the rise.

And then over the walkie, Jason said, “Guys, let’s wrap;”

Then they tore down and packed up the vans in a snap.

Jason hopped in the van, and to Grant gave a shout,

And with a wave to the homeowners, they all headed out.

But an eerie voice called as they drove out of sight,

“Merry Christmas, TAPS team; I wish you a good night!”


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