Crazy, Crazy Dreams

This is a post I wrote awhile back on blogspot. For some reason, I was thinking about this post today and thought I’d go find it and move it here to WordPress.

I had such crazy dreams last night, not sure why or what I might have eaten before bed to spark them, but holy crap, were they weird!

Let’s see, in the first dream I recall, I was on a ghost hunt with one of my Facebook friends.  We were in a place I don’t really recognize in my waking life, although I do have some ideas of the vicinity where this particular building was.  It was supposedly a Weis Markets, but when we got inside, it was a house I had lived in at one point in my childhood (although not in my real life).  We got all the equipment set up and started going through the house to do EVP sessions and such, but I got distracted by all the STUFF that was there, stuff that my parents had either made with their own hands or that others had made for them–furniture, paintings, wood clocks, all kinds of things.  I recognized all these things and wondered why my parents–or even my brothers–had gone away and left them behind.  So instead of ghost hunting, I started carrying all this stuff out of the building and loading it in the car.

At this point, another ghost hunting team came in, this one with TV cameras, and started bossing us around, telling everyone to get out of the way of their cameras.  They apparently saw me carrying things out of the house and called the owner, who came with her two cats Si and Am (yes, like the cats in Lady and the Tramp), except the cats weren’t real; they were mechanical.  The woman seemed to know who I was and said I could take whatever I wanted from the house.

I woke up from this dream very upset, trying to place where it occurred; I finally gathered that the road resembled the Carlisle Pike up past WalMart and heading towards Carlisle.  There are some businesses up that way, as well as some very run-down looking houses, but nothing that resembles what was in my dream.  Still, I feel strongly that that’s where I was.  Why does that matter?  I don’t know.

The second freaky dream happened as I was trying to get back to sleep after my son came over and woke me up.  This time I was in Gettysburg climbing around the rocks at Devil’s Den, something I like to do when we’re down there.  Well, I was in the process of crawling into one of the crevasses, when I noticed that King Arthur was sitting on his throne inside this crevass.  Sir Gawain was there too, ready to go on a quest–his quest was to clean up all the trash around Devil’s Den, which would be quite a feat for anyone.  Well, as he pushed past me, I saw a ghost of a Civil War soldier, who attacked me and did something that made me unable to breathe.  I woke up gasping for breath and sweating.  Yes, I know that was a case of sleep paralysis, but still a bit

The final dream again took place in Gettysburg, and it was based on something a bit odd (at least in my eyes) that had happened once when we were in the downtown area.  I had been on a ghost hunt (seeing a pattern here) with Grant Wilson, Jason Hawes, and Eoin Macken (what the hell was he doing there?), and we were just walking around looking at the shops.  Jason and Grant ended up going one way, and Eoin and I went another.  As he and I walked, I told him about this other odd experience I had had–it had to do with going in to this shop that had nothing but Christmas decorations; there was no one else in the shop while we were there, and although the doors were wide open, there were no store workers anywhere to be found in the whole 15 or so minutes we were there.  For some reason, that whole experience felt surreal and it kind of gave me the creeps.  I have been unable to even find that store anymore.

So we walked past the spot where I thought the store had been, and it wasn’t there; in its place was an herb shop.  We kept walking up the street a bit, and then came back down past the herb shop again–but it wasn’t the herb shop.  Eoin noticed it and said, “Is that the shop you were talking about? I thought that was an herb shop when we went past before.”

I  looked, and sure enough, there stood the Christmas decoration shop, doors again hanging wide open.  We decided to check it out.  Once again, there was no one else in the shop, and there were no store clerks to be found.  Eoin and I looked at each other and both felt creeped out.  We left, and started walking down the street again, just looking at each other.

We met up with Jason and Grant and told them what had happened.  They kind of looked at us like we were crazy, and we all headed back up the street to check it out.  When we got back to the place where the store had been, it was the herb shop once more.  Eoin and I looked at each other again, both freaked out.  Jason and Grant realized that something had to have happened the way our faces had gone white.

We decided to go into the herb shop to check it out.  The herb shop was really crowded, and there was of course a pungent scent of many different herbs.  As we looked around, I realized that my cross necklace had gone missing, and I said something out loud about it.  The store clerk came over to me and asked, “Did you say you lost a necklace?”

When I said I had and described it to her, she went behind the counter and picked up something.  She held up my necklace and asked, “Is this yours?”

I was shocked to realize that it was mine.  I asked where she had found it, and she told me that someone had found it lying on the floor just minutes before.  Very odd, seeing as we had not gone into the herb shop, but only the Christmas shop.

I took the necklace and thanked her, then had to ask, “What ever happened to the Christmas shop that was here?”

The clerk looked at me oddly and said, “There has never been a Christmas shop here that I know of.”

I got an eerie feeling, and we all went outside.  I asked Jason and Grant how that was possible.  Even if there would have been a Christmas shop there at one point, how is it possible for a building to be a ghost?  Buildings aren’t living things; they don’t have souls/spirits, so what was happening?  It obviously wasn’t my imagination since Eoin had seen it too.  They couldn’t tell me what had happened, and even they seemed a bit freaked out by the whole thing.

So those were my crazy dreams.  I guess I don’t have to wonder why I’m so tired today…..


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